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I wrote a message/open letter/nasty-gram to Microsoft’s Xbox division on November 4th, 2017. Check it out on Chris & Chris Media!

A Message to Microsoft’s Xbox Division


Artist Analysis: Lorn [Part 1]

Lorn (Artist Pic)Marcos Ortega, aka “Lorn.”

Marcos Ortega, better known by his stage name, “Lorn,” is just one of those artists you can’t help but respect. His work meets crisp breaks with deep, snarling basslines and visceral ambiances. Pick any track, and you’ll find an unimaginably immersive soundscape doused in rich and powerful, yet intricate melodies.

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Hello World! (And Some Thoughts)

Dr. Evil is Hip
“I’m ‘hip.’ I’m ‘with it.'”


I’m starting this blog because it’s time to create a place where I can share my thoughts. Not just a Facebook post—somewhere I can really add context to my nonsense. I think we might even learn some stuff too.

This thing will probably focus on music production, medicine, philosophy, maybe some politics sprinkled in… hell, who knows?

Only one way to find out.

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