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New Soundtrack Collection on SoundCloud

This is a new compilation of *public* tracks which have either made it into professional productions and/or fall into the cinematic genre. The soundtrack compilation also includes music for video games and other projects.

This is not an exhaustive collection of material, but rather a curated selection of works produced over the past few years. Of course, tracks I do not have permission to post are excluded from this compilation. Head on over to SoundCloud and check it out!

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Keto: Eat Fat, Delete Fat

Lately I’ve had to defend matters that just shouldn’t need defending. This time, the “keto” diet has caught a bad rap. But as with every other topic on this blog, the most unfavorable allegations have come from the most uneducated people.

This is a semi-lengthy post which explores a body of research I’ve compiled on ketogenic diets, as well as my own experience. Grab some bulletproof coffee, get comfortable, and dive into this truly fascinating (and underappreciated) ability we have. Continue reading

So Long, Social Media [Updated 3/20/18]

Updated 3/20/18: The recent Cambridge Analytica Facebook scandal is yet another example of a broader pattern of Facebook’s reckless handling of private user data. Cambridge Analytica mined personal user information for use in the 2016 presidential campaign. If this is news to you, I highly suggest catching up on this groundbreaking development.

Recent reports show that Facebook’s privacy controls haven’t been effective, drawing scrutiny from users, regulators, and even Facebook’s own employees. People are leaving in droves, using the hashtag #DeleteFacebook. If this isn’t reason enough to delete your account, I don’t know what is. 

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Kratom: My Perspective [Updated 5/2/18]

Edit 5/2/2018: VICE published an astonishingly honest, in-depth examination of the current state of kratom research and regulation. It may be lengthy, but damnit, it’s worth your time.

Edit 3/18/2018: Marc T. Swogger, Ph.D., published an article, “Is Concern Around Kratom ‘Drug Hysteria’?” via Medscape. Dr. Swogger notes that preexisting studies show people are successfully using kratom as an opioid replacement, and to manage pain. Additionally, there is no scientifically-supported evidence that kratom is linked to liver damage, seizures, or premature death.

Kratom. It’s been in the news lately, and there continues to be a lot of controversy surrounding it’s safety profile and legality. But after further research, I can confidently state that it’s all complete and utter nonsense.

I believe this plant is being painted in an absurdly negative light, and I wish more people took a second to think critically before demonizing yet another resource that appears to have helped people break their opioid addiction.

Mitragyna Speciosa

Photo by Uomo vitruviano (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 or GFDL], via Wikimedia Commons

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A Quick Note…

I’ve got a quick note to say here, so *please* bear with me for a second…
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