Hi there! My name is Chris Neal, and thank you for stopping by! I am a music & film score producer (“composer,” according to IMDb), independent web designer & developer, and aspiring network engineer.

Hmm, how to proceed… Well-structured paragraphs? Pictures? Concept maps? Bullet points?

Actually, that last one sounds pretty gooddefinitely not because I’m lazy or anything…

  • I live in the Pacific Northwest, and just so happen to love the constant rain that other people can’t stand. Also, have you ever been hiking around here? It’s friggin’ gorgeous.
  • I’m not great at blogging… which you may have noticed already.
    • What even is “blogging” anymore?
  • I’ve donated over a hundred royalty-free music loops over the years, which have been downloaded over 120,000 times (collectively).
    • You can grab many of them right now.
    • Those samples have been used in independent films, documentaries, short films, “vlogs,” presentations, songs, and game trailers, among other projects.
  • I am an advocate for artists rights/copyright, and also for fair use.
    • When music you’ve worked hard on gets stolen, your perspective changes a bit (like mine did).
    • I don’t care if someone plays my music while streaming or is included in a video. When it is sold without my permissionusually under a different namethat is theft.
    • However, I strongly believe the current iteration of copyright law in the United States is esoteric, and is ultimately doing more harm than good.
  • Winter is the best season because snow, m’kay?
  • I believe content on Wikipedia is 99% accuratebots automatically prevent most vandalism, and a huge number of editors comb through articles on a daily basis. That said, one should never use it as a primary source (always check the citations, and use those if they are accurate).
  • I love learning about electronics, audio, and medicine.
  • I wouldn’t consider myself a “gamer,” but I do love video games!
    • Favorite games include Cyberpunk 2077, Total Annihilation and its spiritual successor Supreme Commander, Starsiege: Tribes (RIP), most Valve games, most Bethesda games, Stardew Valley, Runescape (so much nostalgia…), all of the Pokémon Gameboy games, and some Call of Duty titles.
  • I owe most of my success to those who have challenged me to push the limit, and I’m incredibly grateful to have such wonderful people in my life.
    • Thanks to them, I have been able to score two films, Dreamer: A True American Story (2013), and Marcus Jansen: Examine and Report (2017).
    • If you’re curious about the movies I’ve worked on, consider checking out this page.

Questions? Comments? Concerns? Feel free to reach out anytime!